The all-in-one training program to digitally transform 
your business and future-proof your people.  

We understand that driving digital transformation and hiring tech talent is not easy.

In fact, it is pricey and time-consuming.

HK $1M

A Digital Transformation external consultancy service costs at least HK$1 million. 

6-Figure Salary

Hiring an in-house PM or a Software Developer comes with the price tag of a 6-figure salary.

3+ Months

Tech talent is scarce and the competition is fierce. Filling a tech role can take more than 3 months. 

Our solution?


A one-year training plan that covers all of your corporate tech learning needs. Let's upskill and reskill your workforce - effectively and sustainably. 

From Breadth of Topics ...

(NFT, Crypto, Smart Contracts)

By 2030, blockchain technology will create more than US$3.1 trillion worth of value to businesses.
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Metaverse is the next Internet playground with a global revenue opportunity of close to US$800 billion by 2024. 
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70% of C-level executives want even non-technical employees to have some AI skills. 
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Having a top-notch website and mobile app is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. 
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 ... to Depth of Discovery


Get to grips with the trendy tech 101s 
over a good meal & great company, in-person and online.

In-Depth Training Course

Immerse into an intensive programming training experience with industry-relevant projects.

1-on-1 Consultation

Kickstart digital projects for your company, with 1:1 consultations for company-specific support.

We are here to get your organisation up to tech speed.

Enhance your company's digital fluency & innovations

Upgrade your team's tech skills & maturity

Improve employees' job satisfaction & retention

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Get Started Today.

Tailor-made for your business and your people.
Select the Topics and Formats that best suit your company's needs.

Be Tech-Enabled for the Year.

Our Trainers

Tech Expertise

Our trainers are at the forefront of the tech community, with strong skillsets and experience in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, FinTech, Web3 Development, and more!

Professionally Trained and Certified

We select our trainers with the utmost attention. On top of their already strong profiles, all Preface trainers undergo a rigorous MIT-Certified Training Program. 

Industry Knowledge

On top of tech expertise, our trainers bring with them unrivalled industry-relevant and present-day perspectives, ensuring the most up-to-date approaches and topics are delivered.


At Preface, we value the human touch in teaching and learning. Our trainers are all proudly learner-centric, ensuring every student gets the optimal learning experience.

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